About Us

Succeeding in business process is all about accurately analyzing information and then making smart decisions.
We use a consultative approach - first understanding our customer's needs, then applying the appropriate hardware, software and services to implement a streamlined document workflow.

With these LOW COST Preventive Maintenance plans, our clients can spend more time on improving their core business and less time worrying about whether their printers will work. By taking a team oriented approach, leveraging technology, and working closely with our customers, BGI can help produce results that give them the edge they need in today's increasingly competitive market. Our in house training program and other organizational efficiencies, allow us to provide these plans at a lower price than our competitors.

You have to deliver printed products in your organization, so your printers have to work. This is a key reason so many companies stay with BGI year after year: We keep printers going strong with the best service at the lowest price.

At BGI, you can count on our...

  • Expertise in handling printer needs.
  • Understanding of the many options available.
  • Ability to give you the right solutions now.
  • Advanced customer service system.

Many customers in many sizes

Companies throughout the Bay Area depend on BGI year after year. Our range is complete: From a one printer operation to Fortune 100 companies, we handle everything. Count on us to resolve all your printer needs.


Best Graphic Image “BGI” gives you:

  • A single stop for everything
  • Wide choice
  • True printer expertise
  • Highest quality
  • Every printing technology available
  • Fast response
  • Pre-sale consulting to post-sale support
  • Maximum uptime
  • A resource with a great reputation